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Default Re: Superman's power level - Part 1

Originally Posted by fanboiii View Post
Again you fall back on: "i don't know what happens so time travel backwards is possible". That's illogical. No it's not entirely possible because singularities have their own constraints. They're not magical places where anything is possible.
When physics breaks down, you don't know what happens... and it's within the realm of space time that it's possible worm holes / black holes leads to time travel... and i might have used the term 'anything is possible' wrongly here.. i meant to say, 'your theory is as good as mine, or any scientists for that matter'.. so, to speculate that IF superman can Create a Wormhole by travelling faster than the speed of light, then he can manipulate space/time is within the possibility of physics as we know it today... thus my original point that among all of the super-powers of superman, the 'turning back time' in Superman the movie, is the most sci-fi part of it (note the Science Fiction?)... The rest like 'magically flying', 'building entire walls with his eyes', etc, are pure fantasy..

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