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Default Re: General Star Wars Episode VII News/Speculation Thread - Part 1

I think ther's bound to be something between the OT duels and the PT ones. I was just watching a Jet Li movie the other day...forgot what it was called but JL was a prodigy martial artist(yeah... I KNOW...) in late 19 century China and he got in a tournament to fight a bunch of foreigners. Now the fights where flowery, over the top and unrealistic. BUT each character had sort of his own style and sort of brought a philosophy to the fight. There was a fencer, a wrestler, a karateka, and more, and each fight felt different because it focused on the differences between fighters. And that's sort of what I think they should go for. An assasin does not fight the same as a knight. A haughty political guy does not fight the same as a young guy who lost his mother. You can inferr personality and character through coreography, while still making it visually interesting.

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