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Default Re: General Star Wars Episode VII News/Speculation Thread - Part 1

Another problem is that in the old trilogy you actually got a real sense that Luke had affection for his father and wanted to save him. And even Vader's body language and voice betrayed his affection for his son.

In the PT the relationship between Anakin and Obi-Wan seems so contrived. One thing that bothered me in ROTS was how they kept calling one another "old friend," as if to tell the audience "remember we are friends! This is going to be so tragic!" But it breaks the old writing rule of show, don't tell. It would have been better to see them actually ACT like friends or brothers instead of just giving lip service to this supposed relationship. You shouldn't have to remind the audience that two characters are friends... they should be able to figure it out with ease. Not once did I really buy into their friendship, and it made that climactic duel feel hollow, despite Ewan McGregor doing a fantastic job with the lines he was given.

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