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Default Re: Captain America: The Winter Soldier Box Office Prediction Thread

I voted for $600 million, but i think it can go higher.If CA:TWS have good trailer it will probably make this sum of money, specialy if they mention there will be Nick Fury, Black Widow as part of story who will be related with previous Avengers and as part for Avengers 2. This can be good publicty. But if trailer is weak i dont expect anymore then $500 million.
IM3 trailer maked at least $400 million profit more then it was expected, that is have good trailer it was. Same happening with MOS.

Cap America is not that big name to be blockbuster as Iron Man, Batman, Superman or Spiderman. Film need good interesting story and great action to at least compete with any of those, they need show that Cap is better then all of them. That he is better fighter and strategist then Batman, greater man then Superman (his ideals), he dose not need fancy armor to be superhero as Iron Man and dose not need spider-sense to defeat enemies.
If they show Cap as he really is and that he is true leader of Avengers, not Stark, movie can be big. Specialy if they make heartbreaking story about Bucky as he still trust him as his comrade and friend even if he is Winter Solider, and working for enemies.

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