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Default Re: Official First Class Sequel News, Reports & Rumours Thread

Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post

With Rise of Planet of Apes sequel coming out in SUmmer 2014 they may want It for late 2013 so Apes can be Fox's summer 2014 tentpole.Otherwise I think we are looking at
First Class sequel for Memorial day or June and Rise of the Planet of the apes Sequel for late july/August.
Its better for FOX to have Apes and 2nd Class in 2014 (thats two of their biggest hits last summer of 2011). Its like a gamble to put X-Men for a November or December release date. And I don't want the casual viewers to have a fatigue with the new X-Men films. Even if The Wolverine and X-Men: Second Class are two different films, its still a X-Men movie for most people.

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