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Default Re: Influences of previous Superman/ Batman films on this sequel

Originally Posted by jonathancrane View Post
I want them to distance themselves rom the Burton and Keaton films: no killer Batman; Batman doing detective work; and a different suit---no more all black suits.
Well I didn't elaborate in detail, but when I said that I wanted the costumes more like the Keaton era, what was in my mind was to distinguish it from the Bale era where you could barely make out the Bat symbol and it looked very busy. At least the Keaton armour was aesthetically pleasing and looked like a superhero costume, and you could still see the logo.

I don't want it to be all black either though. I'd prefer a grey and black outfit, or even grey and blue, to distinguish it from anything before. But the Burton/ Keaton era did embrace the comic book roots more fully than the Nolan/ Bale era, and that's the influence I would like to see.

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