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Default Re: MCU Phase 3: Have it your way

Originally Posted by blalex620 View Post
That's true they were, but as far as Heroes for Hire goes the first film should only have the original H4H Cage and Danny.

Originally Posted by blalex620 View Post
After that they could introduce maybe one or 2 more heroes to join them.
no. unless you're talking about a crossover. i could see Iron Fist and Cage being at cross purposes or having a shared adversary with someone like Daredevil. but i think it'd be bad judgment to have a character like Daredevil or Moon Knight join Heroes for Hire. it'd throw off the chemistry between the buddy duo. after the solo films, i'd love to see it basically be a movie about the Punisher inadvertently causing a massive war between organized crime families. Daredevil, Heroes for Hire, and maybe one other hero would get caught up in the crossfire. maybe the FBI hires H4H to bounty hunt Castle. and Daredevil is busy protecting his own turf from gangsters.

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