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Default Re: All Things DCEU News, Discussion, and Speculation - Part 1

Originally Posted by Negan View Post
One Universe is bad & one Universe is good the die hard DCEU fans has gotta learn & accept this & learn to ignore the hate these movies are getting because the MARVEL actors like the fans can hate on the DCEU all we want until they learn to make better movies Im sure there are safe places somewhere online where its all positive rainbows if some fans can not handle the negativity towards the DCEU
So on that thought then people involved in the DCEU can dislike Marvel. It's not one or the other, movies are subjective. People who like or hate movies have a right to that opinion. There us no black and white here, Suicide Squad was a good movie to me so therefore it is a good movie IMO despite what critics say or you say. It's subjective!

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