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Default Re: Trion Worlds explains how Defiance will 'co-evolve' in two mediums

New Defiance trailer short, but sweet

(1 hour ago)
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Ah, the smell of plasma guns in the morning. Although clocking in at only 15 seconds, the new Defiance teaser trailer released by Trion Worlds and Syfy packs in brief action clips from both the upcoming television show and the MMORPG. The trailer, premiering as a commercial on the Syfy channel last night, whets the appetites of fans eager to try out this new multi-media project that intertwines gaming and television. The game and show are both set to launch in April 2013.

Catch a glimpse of the action in the video after the break. And for more info about Defiance, check out Massively's hands-on experience at E3. Continue Reading

A look at the weapon and vehicles in this one too.

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