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Default Re: Robin or no Robin?

And that's why i can enjoy the Burton movies, Nolan movies, and earlier episodes of BTAS more than anything else where there's a bat-family involved. Or even comics that don't have Batman fighting with Robin by his side.

I even remember as a kid, seeing Batman Forever for the first time. Ive grown to like some of the origin stuff for Grayson in that movie, but at the time, i was like 7, and it just felt off to me. I got used to Kilmer pretty fast as Bruce Wayne but the Robin stuff wasn't my cup of tea.

If i read a comic with Batgirl, Robin (Damien, Dick, Tim, Jason, whoever) it just sets something off in me. I just dont care about seeing kids being superheroes. There's a weird or corny vibe i get.

I just heard that there's a new sidekick for Batman in the comics, Bluebird or something? I dont even care about reading that.

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