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Default Re: Robin or no Robin?

Bruce Wayne is not a regular celebrity, he's not an athlete, he's not a singer, he's (as Bruce Wayne) a talentless man who fell into a fortune his family built. His family was then killed in front of him. How many celebrities does that happen to?

Bruce Wayne is supposed to care, otherwise why be Batman? Bill Gates has saved the lives of thousands, tried to eliminate diseases as well as donated hundreds of millions of dollars to education.
There are many problems in the world. Bruce helps to fight more than one of them.

And BTW, how did you come up with the conclusion that Bruce Wayne doesn´t donate money? Do you even read comics? I don´t think you do. I don´t even think you watched the movies, to be honest, otherwise you wouldn´t be saying something like that.

Just because he doesn´t donate EVERYTHING he has, doesn´t mean that he doesn´t help people. Does Bill Gates donate EVERYTHING he has? He has donated a lot of money, but he still lives in a brutal house, doesn´t he? And he still drives high end cars. Why not donate everything? It´s stupid to have so much money and not donate everything. Bill Gates has saved the lives of thousands. Why doesn´t he save more? Why doesn´t he sell his multi million dollar house and sport cars to save even more people? So, he has the possibility of saving many more people, but he chooses not to? That´s stupid.

Batman's character is an immature short-sighted man who tries to punch every criminal in a city because he never got over the death of his parents. Recruiting impressionable teenagers seems par for the course.
Actually, you´re wrong. For a man who does his best to save innocent people, recruting teenagers and putting them in danger seems to go against the character´s nature.

And Batman was created to milk off Superman. He was not a passion project, but a money making one, and a failed one at that. The genesis of the characters is not important.
Has Bob Kane ever said anything about Batman not being a passion project? I don´t think he has. He was always very proud of his character. To draw and tell stories was his passion, so i doubt Batman wasn´t a "passion project".

It's not like Bob Kane thought "this makes sense". Hell, or even Bill Finger, all he did was copy Zorro, move him to the US, and whack Bob Kane's "Bat" on there.
Well, he actually gave us a reason that i can understand for Bruce becoming Batman and fighting crime. So he tried to make sense out of it. But Robin simply contrasts with the whole logic behind Batman. He worked in a time where the most pathetic ideas made it into the comics. But if you wanna make a movie that people would take seriously, i suggest not putting a teenager in tights in it. Unless it´s a comedy.

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