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Default Re: Robin or no Robin?

Originally Posted by BLobo View Post
There are many problems in the world. Bruce helps to fight more than one of them.
No he doesn't. Show me a couple issues of Batman/Detective Comics where Batman actively tries to combat poverty, or disease?

And BTW, how did you come up with the conclusion that Bruce Wayne doesn´t donate money? Do you even read comics? I don´t think you do. I don´t even think you watched the movies, to be honest, otherwise you wouldn´t be saying something like that.
Your jimmy rustling is too overt. Go softer, bro, nobody here is getting mad.

Just because he doesn´t donate EVERYTHING he has, doesn´t mean that he doesn´t help people. Does Bill Gates donate EVERYTHING he has? He has donated a lot of money, but he still lives in a brutal house, doesn´t he? And he still drives high end cars. Why not donate everything? It´s stupid to have so much money and not donate everything. Bill Gates has saved the lives of thousands. Why doesn´t he save more? Why doesn´t he sell his multi million dollar house and sport cars to save even more people? So, he has the possibility of saving many more people, but he chooses not to?
Simple answer. Bill Gates is not a superhero. He's a real man who has always wanted to be rich. He's donated 25% of his wealth (almost $30 billion) over the past few years and will donate all he has left over the next 25-30.

That´s stupid.
No. What's stupid is trying to apply fictional examples to the real world, and not exaggerated real world instances to a fictional one.

Actually, you´re wrong. For a man who does his best to save innocent people, recruting teenagers and putting them in danger seems to go against the character´s nature.
Batman doesn't do his best to stop corruption. He punches people, more people = more fists.

He never uses his resources to battle crime, just his body why doesn't he donate a few hundred million to the police, orphanages, and poorer areas?

We hear about it in TDKR, but that's pretty much it. Nothing he ever does changes Gotham, because if he did, the comic books would run out of stories to tell. So he can't do all he can.

Has Bob Kane ever said anything about Batman not being a passion project? I don´t think he has. He was always very proud of his character. To draw and tell stories was his passion, so i doubt Batman wasn´t a "passion project".
1. Not his character, not really. He was hired to create one. He then in turn hired Bill Finger to create it.

2. Bob Kane did not come to DC with Batman. DC came to him asking for a character. Bat/Bird Man was red and blue with stiff wings and blonde hair. If that was Bob Kane's passion he wouldn't have let Bill Finger completely mutilate that character.

3. If Bob Kane and Bill Finger did not care for Robin, they would not have created him. He was created to give him an actual partner when out on patrol, the Watson to his Holmes.

Well, he actually gave us a reason that i can understand for Bruce becoming Batman and fighting crime. So he tried to make sense out of it. But Robin simply contrasts with the whole logic behind Batman.
Bruce Wayne- Saw his family murdered (usually between the ages of 8-12) and then goes on a vendetta against all crime, not letting go of that hate for around two-three decades.

Dick Grayson- Saw his family murdered (usually between the ages of 12-17) and then goes on a vendetta against the man who killed them, eventually learning to move on after a few years.

Which really seems more logical?

He worked in a time where the most pathetic ideas made it into the comics. But if you wanna make a movie that people would take seriously, i suggest not putting a teenager in tights in it. Unless it´s a comedy.
Firstly [citation needed].

Secondly, you're confusing serious and realistic.

Thirdly, you keep going back to the original Bob Kane drawing of Robin as if he is all that exists of the character. Just so you know, this is Dick's costume now:

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

Still not quite yet appropriate for live action, but not many comic book suits can get away with changing nothing at all.

Fourthly everything about Batman is a pathetic idea. He's a child's character (like all superheroes) based around wish fulfilment on the idea that you can be big and strong and beat up the bad guys, but people aren't allowed to know you're strong. He's a drawing for children, he's not supposed to be realistic.

Adults need ridiculous things explained even though the answer is obvious to all children: Because it's not real.

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