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Default Re: Robin or no Robin?

3. If Bob Kane and Bill Finger did not care for Robin, they would not have created him. He was created to give him an actual partner when out on patrol, the Watson to his Holmes.
Because Batman comics were too dark for the kids and DC ordered the authors to insert a young character they could identify with.

Fourthly everything about Batman is a pathetic idea. He's a child's character (like all superheroes) based around wish fulfilment on the idea that you can be big and strong and beat up the bad guys, but people aren't allowed to know you're strong. He's a drawing for children, he's not supposed to be realistic.
But he's the more realistic of all superheroes, and one of the few which allows explore adult matters. Robin is a step back in this vision of the character (for me, the most interesting).

Batman doesn't do his best to stop corruption. He punches people, more people = more fists.

He never uses his resources to battle crime, just his body why doesn't he donate a few hundred million to the police, orphanages, and poorer areas?
He donates money in a lot of stories, come on! In fact, when Bruce Wayne appears there is usually a mention of his philantrophy and solidarity with the disadvantaged (in the comics of Scott Snyder this reaches the paroxism). Do you really read Batman comics?

But that's true, his real motivation doesn't seem to be fight the corruption...

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