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Default Re: Robin or no Robin?

If you take away the gadgets and wealth , you have a very different Batman. But you still have Batman. Bruce can still be Batman. The suit, the car, will be different but he could still train and be Batman. Take away the powers and Clark can't be Superman, he's just a farm boy with a great family. A regular joe. Now he's relatable, but it would cease to exist because there would be no Superman. You dont make comics about regular people. Wasn't that the point of Aronofsky's year one? Or am i remembering it incorrectly?? Where he doesn't have that kind of wealth but he's still a version of Batman.

That's why you can stick Batman in any era. 1800's even, and you can still have "a" batman.

The trauma he suffers, is relatable to people. The psychology is there.

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