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Default Re: Robin or no Robin?

Okay, let's say it's a quiet week in Gotham and Metropolis then.

Bruce Wayne would wake up some time in the late morning, maybe even the afternoon, have breakfast prepared for him by his butler, get taken to work in a car worth a couple hundred thousand dollars. He'd then sleep through a couple meetings at the company he owns, where he'll make a couple thousand in that time for the trouble. He'd then get driven home, driven out (in a different, hundred grand car) to a massively expensive restaurant, dating a supermodel (or three), he might buy the place on a whim. However, the whole time he's secretly a little distraught, because he's always distraught, after his parents died.

Clark Kent would probably wake up in the early morning, prepare his own breakfast in his apartment. Walk or cycle to work, where he'll be for the next 8 hours. Then he'll go back to his apartment, he might walk his dog, then he'll either stay home and watch TV with his wife or, if it's a special occasion, a moderately expensive restaurant. When they get home, he may talk on the phone to his parents.

Batman is more real because he's human, but Superman feels human too. But from the two descriptions above (based on character and motivation, as that is all I described, not abilities) which is more applicable to you?

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