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Default Re: The Ultimate DC RPG - Season III: Sign-Up/OOC Thread

It's not just you. We're all pretty far behind. Byrd's right, there's no other real option than to say that the deadline'll have to be moved. How far back, I'm not sure, but I'm not gonna be able to make a call on that until activity picks up without cutting nearly everybody off while they're still in the middle of something. Best thing for everyone to do right now is just focus on getting back into the game.

Eddie, I know you're pretty deep in real life commitments, and I hate to say anything at all. But I'd like to see a post within the next few days. I've been waiting on a reply for over two weeks, so if I you can't, I'm gonna have to just start bunnying our way through the arc so that I can at least boost my own activity again.

Andy, I'll begin setting up my end of our arc as soon as I can. Given we discussed the particulars of it the other night, and where I need to be to make things happen, it's safe to assume that the ball's probably in my court now anyway.

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