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Cs Funny Odd or amusing things to wonder while watching Thor...

1) The horses that they use to get down the rainbow bridge, where do they go after? Do they jump off the bridge and swim back? Do they just sort of wander back, do they wait? Even Sleipnir disappears immediately and Loki's horse seems to be completely gone when Thor flies down the bridge to stop him.

2) I wonder if the rainbow bridge ever gets horse poo on it? If so, does Heimdall have a shovel for that or does he just kick it with his boots over the side?

3) Oh, gawd... I hope I'm not the only person that thinks the Destroyer has a really nice butt.

4) Okay so if Loki has thick black hair on his head (since it doesnt disappear when he changes) then where is the head hair on the other Frost giants? Do they all go to the same barber to shave their heads?

anyone else want to go? lol

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