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Default Re: Tom Hardy as Bane XXX

Originally Posted by JaD View Post
So when I hear him say that TDKR felt more like a comic book film than the others I kind of know what he's saying because when I saw the main villain lift a grown man over his head and break his back, it kind of broke Nolan's rules for a minute and gave the fans that special treat. I for one didn't think Nolan would have the balls to do it, I thought he'd break his back a different way.
I think sometimes people overstate Nolan not doing certain things because they are "unrealistic." I think a lot of Nolan's changes are simply aesthetic. The reason Joker has a painted face is because he likes the way it looks and what it says about the character. Nolan could have come up with any reason to have him be permawhite and in the context of the move, have it make sense. He chose not to to that. Two Face is not realistic at all and there are more realistic ways for that character to look. It would have been more unrealistic to see a man missing have his face than to see a dude with really pale skin, actually. The same thing with Bane. Bane doesn't have a luchador style mask because Nolan doesn't like the look more than anything. The realism that fans talk about with Nolan is more an aesthetic decision above all things. Catwoman does not look realistic, she just looks good to Nolan.

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