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Default Re: Tom Hardy as Bane XXX

Originally Posted by Eros View Post
SO in Batman begins, during all that craziness of water melting machines[not water in the body mind you lol] a league of super secret ninjas who destroy cities, guy fighting crime in high tech Bat-suit,tank running over cop cars,guy in creepy mask with "fear gas" .......what did you think you were watching? Im curious also cause at what point in The dark Knight did you think you were not watching a Billionaire in a batsuit fight crime? Does that happen in other types of movies?
I'm not by any means in the "they're not comic book movies camp", but if we're talking the genres we "felt",

to me Begins felt more like a dark noir sci fi movie like Alien or Blade Runner. And TDK felt like a kind of Bond spy movie (high tech suits and all) crossed with epic crime drama. Both coming from a comic book movie foundation of course. TDKR "imo" felt like classic Batman comicbook noir in the first third and in the last 2 thirds a "ruined city sci fi" like Escape from NY or Robocop.

But I think thats the essence of Sci Fi. You have outlandish things but it has to be based on science, it had to convince you that it "could" happen. It has to have a basis of logic and believability to convince you - it definately should rely on you to "suspend your disbelief" - it should have it's own solid rules about what can and can't happen (ie, batman has outlandish tech, but he is human) and stick to those rules.

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