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Default Re: Tom Hardy as Bane XXX

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
The Joker is still wearing a costume. A purple suit is a purple suit that personifies Joker, simply put. Don't see how anyone wouldn't call it a costume.

But even if only a half-burnt face or a burlap mask, they do have something special about them that makes them Two-Face and Scarecrow respectively.

Seeing any of those three characters show up definitely makes things feel like a CBM.
I was flipped off on here in the past (when someone wrongly told me the movie had a large chunk of Bane unmasked) for saying that I thought the film would be dull if Bane was just a merc with no mask for a bulk of the movie. I said it would make the film seem like a generic action movie. Someone responed to me "it's a gas mask, not a magic wand", implying that I wanted the mask to make the movie comic book fantasy. But what I meant was I just wanted Bane to be distinctive, the way Rambo is distinctive with his hair and band. Of course the fighting was all moot as the prologue did not feature an unmasked Bane.

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