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Default Re: Don Cheadle joins IRON MAN 2!!!

Originally Posted by Lauryn2000 View Post
Hmmmm.....Howard seemed a little too soft....I think Don will pull it off..but Howard seemed "soft" in a few of his The Brave One,Hustle and Flow,just something about him doesn't play Mr.Kick yer ass...except maybe in the movie "Crash".....I dunno.....
And Don Cheadle looks "Mr. Kick Ass"? The last role Don Cheadle played that had ANY sort of toughness to it was as Rocket in "Colors." He's a great actor, but not an action star. I'd rather see Michael Jai White do his 3rd comic book movie (Spawn/TDK) than Cheadle. Cheadle doesn't even resemble any versions of Jim Rhodes I've ever seen, he lacks height and build. Don Cheadle should play "smart guys", not "tough guys."

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