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Default Re: In Case of an Origin Reboot...

Originally Posted by wattabrownsound View Post
what about they have superman who is just developing his powers one by one and learning how to use them face off against doomsday.
Sorry dude but no, clartk doesn't don the suit just because he has developed one power... he slowly developes his powers as a teenager and young man, helping people where he can, each heroic feat gets bigger and better until he is exposed - that's where he decides to use the disguis - superman.

But, appreciate where you are coming from - maybe have a doomsday style creature and clark realises he is only one who may be able to defeat him - bit similar as incredible hulk though.

Maybe in real time, clark is about 18/19 when 9/11 happened, the hightened security threats in major cities pulls clark to stay in a city.. to protect it, incase anything happens again..just an angle...

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