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^ Exactly. For the Dent Act to actually work the way the film implies it does, it would probably have to be downright unconstitutional in some regards, or perhaps the constitution would have to be amended in order for it to be passed.

It leans on the fact that this is a fictional city in an alternate universe close to our own, but not quite. It's a fictional bill that could probably never get passed in reality. But this is a reality in which a city relies on a masked vigilante to save them from a psychopathic clown who nearly single handedly cripples the mob and plunges the city into chaos. You either go along with it or you don't.

Originally Posted by TheBat812 View Post
Technically any thought about a film that isn't directly shown or said is conjecture.
Don't let the recent overuse of that word make you think that. "Conjecture" implies a conclusion based on insufficient evidence. Sometimes films leave things out and we are in fact meant to arrive at conclusions on our own based on surrounding evidence. Nolan does this all the time, and sometimes invites actual conjecture in the process (ending of Inception for example) of interpreting his films.

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