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Originally Posted by TheBat812 View Post
And joker, the implied value is there.
Where? Other than saying the city is clean because of it. That's the problem. How did it do that when all the movie says about it refers to criminals already in prison.

So there is no implied value that makes a lick of sense.

You saying that it's nullified because they don't give you proof is ridiculous.
Why is it ridiculous. If you can't support an argument with any proof then spare me your fairy tale conjecture stories.

If I want to read fan fiction I'll go to the fan fiction forum.

What they show you in the movie does not in any way contradict itself, it just doesn't give you all the pieces directly.
It doesn't give you anything at all. No parole and putting women in a mans jail doesn't tell you diddly squat about how it removed organized crime from a city that was rotting from it.

They do, as we've discussed, give you insight into the surface level issues that certainly hint at injustice within the act.
You've not given anything of the kind. Where are these surface level issues in the movie you've discussed?

I have yet to see an argument from you that actively proves your point
Well lets see:

1. The movie says the Dent Act denies prisoners parole. How does that get rid of organized crime? It doesn't.
2. It allows women in the male wings of prison. How does that stomp out organized crime? It doesn't.

That's all I need because that's all there is in the movie about how the Dent Act works. All related to people already in prison. The onus is on the movie, not the audience, to provide the details of a fictional Act that had such radical repercussions on the city.

Not enough evidence in either direction for a concrete analysis (although that line from the novelization and the few hints from the film certainly point to our theory being on the right path).
The novelization has nothing to do with the movie. Novelizations deviate from the movies just like the comic book adaptions do.

Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post
Quoting you from the other thread Joker hope you don't mind
Not at all.

What I've bolded is exactly what I'm trying to argue though. I'm saying that movie definitely suggests that the Dent Act was a strong, effective piece of legislation which is the only important thing. Two entirely separate and unrelated aspects of it are enough to form the idea that this thing is a huge bill.
That's like saying Batman is a great detective, but he knew something that he could not have figured out. Like in TDK, how did he know where Dent was with Thomas Schiff?

The same with the Dent Act. You say it's a big fancy law that stomped out all crime, but the movie doesn't give any insight as to how it could have managed such a tremendous feat. It's not like it just managed to lower crime rates, it made them so low that Gordon was being made redundant.

You don't just introduce something fictional like that and not explain how it works. Nolan has bent the laws before in the previous two movies, but at least he gave some kind of explanation as to how it worked in the context of his Batman world, even if it was not entirely realistic, he at least afforded his audience some kind of explanation and information.

Why was such a major thing like the Dent Act, which cleaned up the city and made Batman redundant, not given any elaboration on how it worked other than telling us that it denies parole for convicted criminals?

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
Although with Gotham City being clean of organized crime, you have to suspect that the Dent Act calls for much more even if not mentioned during the film.
Exactly. That's the problem. We are being denied massive amounts of crucial info about something that had radical consequences on Gotham and several key characters.

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