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Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post
I wouldn't say viral marketing is nothing. It's peripheral, but for TDK I definitely considered it canon and part of the overall experience. Especially those Gotham Tonight videos that were included on the DVD. You can ignore it you want, but it doesn't contradict anything in the movie. In fact it usually serves to enrich the experience. I know for a fact that Jonah Nolan consulted with 42E on the TDK viral marketing, not sure about TDKR but I would imagine someone from the Nolan camp relayed info.
Viral marketing does mean nothing for the plots of the movie. Harvey Dent didn't investigate the Narrows incident and Crane's antics like he said he would in the Gotham tonight video. That was just fanboy crack to get people excited. Like everything else. It's all promotional hooey. As if you didn't know that.

Of course Jonah had input. It was to appease the fanboys who would whinge about inconsistencies.

Besides, let's call a spade a spade. You say only fanboys care about viral marketing? Newsflash, we're all fanboys arguing over fanboy detail stuff in this case. You think the general audience put this much thought into ramifications the Dent Act? No friggin' way. It's not even cited as one of these major flaws of the movie, and as we know there's quite the extensive list of plot holes and nitpicks all around the blogosphere. Nobody seemed to have much trouble grasping it, and it's not nearly as important to your average Joe as it is to us. That piece of viral merely confirms what you can infer from the movie. I didn't even see that piece DewGothamCity article until after I saw the movie, but it wasn't like it was a huge shock. It jived with what I had already gathered from watching the movie.
Yes lets call a spade a spade:

4.) The aftermath and effect of Harvey Dent’s death is bit farfetched. First he gets the holiday “Dent Day”.....seriously? Is this just a Gotham City thing or is it a national holiday? Then he gets a piece of anti-constitutional legislation passed in his name. How can you deny anyone parole just based solely on their association with “organized” crime? Parole is dependent upon the actual crime and your actions thereafter in prison, not who the perp associates with. Why was such a drastic change to the Gotham criminal justice system made in the name of a DA who barley accomplished anything? Before Batman’s help, Dent wasn’t getting any leverage on the Falcone crime family. It was Batman that delivered Mr. Lau to Dent, giving him the evidence he needed to deliver the coup de grĂ¢ce on the associated crime families. The public would have had to have been aware that Dent wasn’t the one to retrieve Lau, obviously. And because Nolan and his co-writers didn’t bother pre-establishing Harvey Dent in “Batman Begins”, we are never given a sense of him having a long standing history of struggling against the mob and his achievements while doing so. Given the few bits we see in “The Dark Knight” I don’t see how his death left such an impact as if he was John F. Kennedy.

Plenty more where that came from. The movie had way worse problems that the lame Dent Act and how they handled Dent's legacy on the city. Don't kid yourself that lots of people didn't notice it and disliked it.

Keep 'em coming. Like shooting fish in a barrel.

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