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Default Re: Love Interest for Captain America II

Originally Posted by BullMcGiveny View Post
Yeah, I noticed. Which is why I pointed out those three categories; Asian, Black, and in reference to Erskine, German.

My point is that just as Steve would defy convention when it came to race relations, associating with non-white then it is just as possible that he chooses not to be sexually active.

Steve does what he chooses, even when the norm is that he does the opposite.
The biggest aspect of his character that they focused on is that he identifies with the underdog, "the little guy," having been one himself. I think that translates well into his ability to relate to and respect women and people of color. Why would he act like a bully after having been bullied his whole life?

Originally Posted by BullMcGiveny View Post
Yeah, that's exactly what I wanted.

I'm sorry, are you implying that in 1943, people weren't racist by modern standards? That there weren't segregated army units?
I'm not implying that. I just implying that someone could have been not racist in 1943. I've previously made fun of the fact that Marvel re-wrote America's history in terms of segregation in that movie, but I don't think it's out of character or unrealistic for Steve Rogers to not have been racist by modern standards.

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