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Default Re: The TDKR General Discussion Thread - - - - - - - - - - - Part 143

I think calling TDKR phoned in is probably the worst insult one could throw at Nolan. He's made it very clear that his philosophy on movies is that if the filmmaker is half-assing it, the audience can detect it. That is part of why he is so adamant about shooting things practically whenever he can. I think you can criticize TDKR for a number of things, but Nolan not caring or being lazy is just not one of them. Just like all his other movies, there's a lot of passion there and the thing feels very labored over, even in areas that didn't necessarily have to be.

I would say perhaps his priorities shifted more towards telling a more grand, more visually based story (using the silent era as an influence, for example), but I think he was emotionally invested in the project and it came across to me. When you take on a project of that size you're leading your entire cast and crew into battle. Frankly I'd be shocked any single one of them felt that he led them astray or lacked the passion or vision necessary to hold something so gigantic together. All you hear is about how great the atmosphere on set was.

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