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Default Re: Future TV shows from Marvel?

My reason for preferring DD on the big screen is two fold.

1.It'll likely be watered down.Think of Arrow.70% CW soap/30% SH actioner.
In the same way,It'll likely be 70% courtroom drama/30% SH Actioner.
I'd rather a full blown 2+ hrs epic feature that will be well balanced.

2.There really isn't a wealth of characters left that can carry a solo film,(let alone a franchise).Apart from Dr Strange (Of whom,I was never really a fan,but I look forward to seeing what they can do with him) none of the other contenders sound too exciting.

Granted I'll go see GOTG,Black Panther,Ms/Captain Marvel/Inhumans,and probably enjoy them.But there is really nobody left that I can truly say I'd get excited over.Daredevil would be the only one.(That Marvel has right now)

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