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Dry Re: Rank the Iron Man movies (IM, IM2, and IM3)

Originally Posted by TheDarkKnight08 View Post
Iron Man 3 for me tops the list. I'm very sorry, but those who think the twist makes the movie bad really need to reevaluate their opinion. The twist works in the context of the film and, regardless of having no physical similarities to the character, is respectful to the Mandarin's deceptive nature. Seeing Tony defend himself out of the suit and seeing him actually have a conflict to deal with was great. Him invading the Mandarin's mansion, his PTSD all made for a much more interesting character than anything done with Thor in Loki: The Dark World. The action itself is prolonged and very executed, unlike the first two which had very short and distance bursts of action. The only thing about the film that bothers me is the last 10 or so minutes. Pepper killing the Mandarin was and Tony removing his arc reactor was terrible writing all together. I don't know how they got as the resolution to the story after having such a film. Either way, Iron Man 3 is my favorite, followed by the first, then, all the way down, Iron Man 2.

Originally Posted by A Necessary Evil View Post
Why let others dictate an opinion for you?
Par for the course on the internetz. It's easiest to tell who falls into this category by whether or not their thoughts are particularly original. When I see someone regurgitating the same ill-conceived ignorance(and damn near verbatim) that the bandwagon is peddling, it's a very clear indicator of this.

I remember there was a fellow who repeatedly extolled the virtues of the comic book villain, but was caught with his pants down as having never read an Iron Man book aside from the Extremis mini. How is that sort of criticism even valuable, let alone valid? The only explanation for this sort of silliness is that these folks are simply repeating the same internet noise they've read elsewhere. How else can someone come to such a conclusion without having proper, relevant perspective? Everyone is entitled the their opinion I suppose, but when said opinion is backed by preconceived notions and confirmation bias, then that's when we've crossed into fallacy territory, which is precisely when I can't take someone seriously, no matter how loudly they yell "ITS JUST MY OPINION DOOD!"

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