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Default Re: Amy Adams IS Lois Lane - Part 2

Originally Posted by Fallen Angel View Post
Awesome pictures Hunter

Everyone in Metropolis in the comics knows that Lois Lane knows Superman and she's the one writing all his positive pieces and rescues. You're acting like it's something new Snyder/Goyer have done.
Personally, I think the problem (and the real difference maker here) is that unlike in the comics, the people of Earth in MOS were made aware that Superman has been masquerading as an average citizen for quite awhile, thus he must have his own civilian identity. Even the Military knew that Superman must have had a regular civilian disguise that he had used prior towards being ousted by Zod.

So now people will know that Lois Lane knows who Superman really is when he's not wearing his cape. In the comics, no one ever really thought that superman had his own civilian identity...even Lex thought it was a dumb idea for someone as "god-like" as superman to dress up as a regular citizen/human being.

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