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Default Re: The Official PS4 Thread - Part 4

Originally Posted by Soapy View Post
Yeah, Origins was one of my favorite games of the last generation. I held off on Legends last year because I didn't like the way the touch controls translated to a normal game pad. So I'm hoping they make more sense on the Dual Shock 4's little touch pad, and I'm also waiting on a price drop as well. I hate to do that to game I would love to support, but Ubisoft is known to slash their prices pretty aggressively after release, so I guess I'll just wait and see.
Indeed, I actually have stopped buying 60 dollar releases all together. I want to support these comics but I simply just have too many interests in all forms of media lol. Games price drop alot faster now(minus first-party titles it seems) and I don't mind waiting, I really want to play Thief but by summer I'm sure it will be alot cheaper. I'm expecting the majority of PS4 launch titles to be in the 30 range soon...

I love Origins so much I'm going to get the PS3 version just to have it for a console too. I'm really glad Ubisoft continued with the classic Rayman and not the Rabbids junk. Rayman was one of my first PS1 games. Now if only Ubi could get to Prince of Persia again.

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