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Default Re: Batman Begins Best Origin Movie ever ?

Originally Posted by CConn View Post
It was way better written.

STM features entirely non-threatening villains, a totally implausible third act, and has ungodly campy dialogue to boot.

TIH could be damn campy too, but it's episodes generally had more threatening antagonists, and every episode always had a strong element of emotional resonance and meaning.

Hell, even as great as Chris Reeve was, Bill Bixby showed a lot more range and emotion in his performances as Bruce Banner.
I'll give you Otis being campy but Luthor proves himself to be a cop killer who can figure out how to contact Superman, kill Superman, and outthink Superman who can't save both the East and West coast.

The third act is not implausible for a movie about an alien person who can shot lasers from his eyes and fly around in a cape. Is the reversing time kind of silly, yes. But it's more symbolic of what we would do to save someone we love. As pure symbolism, it works.

Superman has alot of great dialogue. The only overly campy stuff would be between Otis and Luther. You can't dismiss and entire movie based on 4 or 5 lines of dialogue.

The Smallville scenes and Krypton scenes have tremendous heart and resonance. It perfectly introduces us to Superman and both lofty birthright and hs humble upbringing. Hulk had pretty dull stories with everyone looking at their watch waiting for the Hulk to show up and run around in slow motion, throwing bad guys through doors.

Acting wise I love Bill Bixby calm contrast to the Hulk monster but it their wasnt alot of satrong acting involved. Bixby basically played himself. Reeve's was endearing as the bumbling Clark Kent and he created a great contrast himself as a powerful god with small town values. Reeve does alot with body language and subtle looks and creates a superhero performance that has yet to be matched.

Superman the Movie had tremendous heart and iconic imagery. It's still remains one of the best superhero movie ever attempted even after all these decades.

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