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Default Re: Odd or amusing things to wonder while watching Thor...

Originally Posted by Vartha View Post
heh Put's another meaning into pinching buns of steel...
Or "hot buns" Seriously, the Destroyer must work out.

Originally Posted by American Maid View Post
hahahahaha, indeed, to both of you! (too funny!)

BTW, the Destroyer's butt in the movie apparently is not true to the Kirby design:
I can see that, well my hat's off to whoever came up with good ole buns of steel Destroyer (and whoever those buns were modeled on!)

Well, you know, different cultures have different practices lol
Hm... Speaking of which I'm going to add to my list...

5) Do the Frost giants wear underwear? Because well... if when Laufey gets blasted back by Odin onto that rock is any indication... um... I'm leaning towards no on the frost giant undies (perhaps a thong? ) Okay... now that gives new meaning to the possibility of seeing Loki "go full frost giant" in Thor 2.

Hmm, those don't look like hamburgers. Good to see a Marvel view of them, though.
and yes they do look like hamburgers in that scene. LOL

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