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Default Re: The Official 'Hulk in Avengers' thread. - Part 6

The TIH Fight scene is my 2nd favorite fight scene in a comic book film (#1 being Spiderman vs Doc Ock train sequence) The fight was intense brutal and chaotic which is what i think every finale battle should be like in a Comic Book movie I mean i like how they Abomination punched Hulk through a bus then Hulk makes boxing gloves out of a police car and punches the **** out of Abom. I mean those first few minutes were epic. And after the helicopter crashes i love how there was a shot of how Hulk and Abom are pushing themselves against each other while snarling at each other. And the way Abom fought was so brutal i loved it he made the Hulk bleed which i thought was pretty cool. And the fight had the two most epic Hulk Moments with the Thunderclap and the Ground Smash which is what really made the fight even more epic! I mean hats off to whoever cordinated that fight sequence they really did a great job!

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