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Default Re: The Official 'Hulk in Avengers' thread. - Part 6

Originally Posted by Doc Samson View Post
Jeet, everything you say about that show in regards to the Hulk himself I agree with, and have said myself in here. But what your suggesting about cutting Banner out completely is where we disagree.

Just like any other superhero, the trick is making the alter ego interesting. Before Bale, I couldn't care less about any of the previous "Bruce Waynes" now I prefer his Wayne over his own Batman. Same thing with RDJ's Stark, which makes those films way better than IM does, TBH.

Inherently Banner can be a dry character, and like you pointed out, Bixby strayed from that somewhat, which to me isn't a big deal as long as it works. Its up to the creative team along with the actor to decide how to improve this. As much as it was a corny scene, I loved when Norton's Bruce tried to have sex. Had there been a little more of that humanity, perhaps the role wouldn't be so bland, and conversely, make the Hulk himself something more meaningful beyond an action device.
I may have worded my point badly. I don't want Banner gone completely, I want some balance. It's been "The Incredible Bruce/David Banner" up to this point. It certainly wouldn't hurt to have a movie where the Hulk character dominated the narrative since Banner has received almost all the character development so far.
Originally Posted by El Payaso View Post
Well still did better than the recent movies. Or comics. Wasn't the original Hulk series cancelled after only FIVE issues?
Perhaps more evidence that the Hulk character which came later and became popular is the one they got right. (And who isn't in the movies)
And it's very well documenmted that the change of name was because theyt wanted to make a difference from the comics and Bruce Banner had the classic name alliteration that they wanted to avoid. But it's a mistake to think they changed Bruce to David. The name of the comics' character is Robert Bruce Banner, and in the series is David Bruce Banner.
According to Lou Ferrigno:

Q: The film gives another nod to the series by showing a gravestone marked Bruce David Banner. Why was the traditional Marvel Comics name Bruce changed to David for the series?

A: CBS felt that the name Bruce sounded too gayish, and they wanted David. I thought it was the most absurd, ridiculous thing I'd ever heard.
And I didn't know it didn't make it to the top ten, nor did I care, but it got an Emmy for best actress in a sci fi series, which was not very common - if it had ever happened at all before - and it's still the main referent within the GA about the character. That's why Ang Lee and Leterrier kept things from it.
I know the show managed to get a very distorted version of the Hulk into the mainstream...that's my complaint. Imagine if the Batman movies felt like they needed to stick close to the Batman TV show instead of getting closer to the comic version. (They could still get closer for my money) Just because a TV show manages to distort a character doesn't mean a movie has to go along with the distortion.
Originally Posted by Superhero 101 View Post
The TIH Fight scene is my 2nd favorite fight scene in a comic book film (#1 being Spiderman vs Doc Ock train sequence) The fight was intense brutal and chaotic which is what i think every finale battle should be like in a Comic Book movie I mean i like how they Abomination punched Hulk through a bus then Hulk makes boxing gloves out of a police car and punches the **** out of Abom. I mean those first few minutes were epic. And after the helicopter crashes i love how there was a shot of how Hulk and Abom are pushing themselves against each other while snarling at each other. And the way Abom fought was so brutal i loved it he made the Hulk bleed which i thought was pretty cool. And the fight had the two most epic Hulk Moments with the Thunderclap and the Ground Smash which is what really made the fight even more epic! I mean hats off to whoever cordinated that fight sequence they really did a great job!
You're right.

There really aren't a lot of epic one on one battles in comic book movies, are there? I guess my favorites would be:

1-Spidey vs Doc Oct
2-Superman vs Zod and friends
3-Hulk vs Abom
4-Dark Phoenix vs Prof X
5-Hellboy vs Prince Nuada

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