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Default Re: Do you think Scott Lang should be saved for an Ant-Man sequel?

Originally Posted by TheVileOne View Post
spideymouse, I mean I want Hank Pym in the MCU. I want to see him interact with all these characters. If this movie is canon to the other movies I don't suddenly want Hank Pym to be stuck originally in the 1960's.

And the other thing why does it only have to be only Ant-Man too? I mean he's also Giant Man too. In the animated series he was able to switch from one form to the other.
Oh, yeah, no, I totally agree with you. I really liked Pym's characterization in A:EMH. He, more than Lang, would add a special dynamic (and robot) to the team.

What I was saying was that even though I hate when studio corporations meddle with the creative process, Wright's 1960s Pym vision is something on which I would want MS to go back to Wright and say, "No, we want Pym in the present time. Please try to make that work."

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