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Default Re: Web shooter shop class - Part 2

BTW, if we do go with the idea of the Prometheus shooter, we can do something like this;
We start off wit a branch of my idea, fit a silly string can around your wrist. Then, we take a mechanism that pushes the button when the hand is pulled back. After, we put two buttons on the switch, and attach wires from the buttons to rotors underneath the nozzle, which we modify with a second set of holes; the original, one hole, a web line, and a new set of 5-6 little holes in a ring, and a halo around those holes for a net. Then, put about three valves on the bottom of the new can, and modify ANOTHER can, so that it's in thirds, and make it so that each third has a solenoid that matches the valves. These can act as web cartridges, and should only take up your forearm, so no need for a backpack source(no matter how cool). The batteries could be put into the back, so as to stay out of the way. The formula might be something like the following:
Nail Polish Remover
Krazy Glue
That sound good?

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