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Default Re: Do you think Scott Lang should be saved for an Ant-Man sequel?

I think Bill Foster and Scott Lang rounding out the cast as Pym's co-workers and friends is a must.
I also like the idea of seeing Ant Man's friends, Janet, Bill, and Scott, being sort of his team and tech
support for him being Ant Man, not just his friends who don't know. But also this would allow them to
transition into taking over for him easier and Janet becomes Wasp, Scott becomes Ant Man, and Bill
becomes Giant Man, showing that all their lives are effected by Hank Pym's being Ant Man/Giant Man/
Yellow Jacket. Sort of like how no one can not be effected, or untouched, by their friends being superheroes.

In the other thread someone suggeested no Ant Man sequel. But How about Ant Man 1 being hank
Pym (who joins the Avengers as Giant Man/Ant Man) while the sequel (Ant Man 2) could be Scott Lang.
It would sort of be a transition film. hank leaves being Ant Man to join the Avengers while Scott takes
up the mantel to save his daughter. Bill Foster could be in both Avengers with Hank and co star in
Ant Man with Scott Lang.
So, to over explain:
Ant Man 1: Hank Pym and Janet become the Ant Man and the Wasp, agents of SHIELD.
Avengers (whatever): Hank and Janet join the Avengers. Janet is the Wasp while Hank
introduces his new inventions and powers as Giant Man. Because he felt like he had to step
things up for the Avneger big leagues. Bill Foster and Scott Lang make cameos.
Ant Man 2: Hank and Janet leave to join the Avengers. While joining the Avengers Hank
becomes Giant Man and leaves being Ant Man behind. Scott Lang's daughter is kidnapped
and he and Bill Foster try to get her back. Lang uses Pym's Ant Man suit and becomes the
new Ant Man with Bill Foster co-starring.

Later down the line Foster can take over for Pym as Giant Man, probably after the actor playing
Pym leaves the cast of Avengers and Ant Man.

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