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Default Re: Batman reboot: Should it be based on realism, dark imagination, or silliness

Actually, i didnt enjoy him smiling in Returns or Forever either. I hated that, it looks ridiculous and it's just not how i see Batman. It was a little more reasonable in Forever (like it would be for Adam West or George Clooney) because the look is much lighter and a lot of that has to do with Robins inclusion. But in Returns, you have this dark Batman, dark city, dark villains, yet the screenplay is completely camp and Batman is smiling. It's just "off" to me.

Now about the Golden Age comics...yes im not really a reader of that era. I respect it a great deal but im more of a modern era Batman fan. The bulk of the silver-age is not really my cup of tea. I've always been more attracted to the 70's, 80's, 90's (more specific to a few writers)...and i'm not too crazy about the last decade of Batman comics other than what we have now in Scott Snyder. Who is pretty amazing. That probably has to do with the live-action Batman movies and video games hogging it up for me. So i dont mind learning more about the history of it from you guys.

So Batman 89' is close to the 1939 version but where does Returns stand? if it's not just an excuse for a Burton-Fest.

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