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Default Re: One Earth: The Marvel/DC RPG

Originally Posted by Byrd Man View Post
"Leave my wife alone!" Reed roared. He struck Doom in the head with his sledge-hammer morphed fist. Reed's malleable knuckles slammed against Victor's armored face. Stretching his entire body around Doom like a cloak, Reed tightened around the dictator and trapped him inside his body folds. "Susan, activate the time machine now!"

Crawling forward, Sue struggled to her feet. She reached across the control panel and activated the time ship's controls.

Volts of electricity course through Reed, and Mr. Fantastic cries out in pain and protest as his hold on Doom falls.

"Insolent, wench!"

Doom lashes out as Susan, but the Invisible Woman is able to bring up a shield just before the bolt of energy fired by Doom reaches her.

The time ship hurtled back into the past as the Fantastic Four moved closer to finally setting right all this madness. But first they still had to contend with a madman.

And Doom was angry.

"You dare defy the will of Doom!?"

So be it", the monarch muttered as mystical energy began to flow around his body.

"No more games, more witty repartee", Doom stated as he slowly rose off of the floor to hover above the gathered Four, a cold crimson flame enveloping his metal form.
"It is time for you and your ilk to die..."

"Enough'a this crap", Ben grumbled to himself before he rushed to attack Doom.
"Time ta say 'goodnight', Vic!"

Doom outstretched his hands, etching a rune into the air, and crimson bands suddenly appeared and wrapped around the Thing, bringing the brute crashing to the floor.
As Ben struggled in vain to free himself from the mystical bands, Doom stretched out his hand and loosed an eldritch bolt at the helpless Ben Grimm, intent to kill.

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