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Default Re: A second viewing

Originally Posted by gibsonm21 View Post
Saw it for the 6th time Thursday after work, but it was on a lesser screen since PR pushed it off of IMAX. I poked my in PR and there were more people in my MOS auditorium lol.

I want to see it again, but it's not the same if I can't have the score blasting in the background, so I'll just save my dough and DL the bootleg until it comes out on BLURAY. That oil rig rescue hits me at my core every time I see it, but then again, it seems like every scene has a moment like that.
That one scene shows me the goodness in Clark - that one scene shows what he is willing to do - he has probably never done a rescue attempt to that level - he didn't know for sure what would happen to him and you can kinda see the underlying fear or, apprehension in his face - love it.

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