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Default Re: Generation X Appreciation Thread

Originally Posted by Valechan View Post
My first Gen X issue was 16 and I quickly managed to get 1-15, so I have it all

I so hated when Jay Faerber was taken off the book and replaced him with Ellis. I really liked what Faerber was doing, especially opening the school to humans, it had tons of possibilities... sigh, damn Ellis, he ruined the title and got it cancelled ¬¬
I liked Faerber and he did good considering the crap he had to fix up from Hama's damage. I didnt like the idea of the school opening back up to humans again. I dont think they should have gone back to that

My favorite character by far was Monet. She was amazing in Gen X. Her bickering with Emma and Jubilee made the series worth reading for me

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