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Default Re: Generation X Appreciation Thread

at least with the New Mutants, Marvel never abandoned the characters. They got a direct spinoff to their series with X-force, put Rahne in X-factor and then Excalibur, Cannonball to the X-men, brought them back in a limited capacity with New Mutants v2/New X-men/Young X-men and now their own series. After Gen X ended, it seemed as if Marvel was kind of keeping them around by having them in Uncanny but after that its as if Gen X has been pushed aside. They made Chamber and Jubilee unrecognizable and put them in a now cancelled series which had little to do with them. Husk has been in limbo for years. M is the only one still being featured. Marvel did a great job supporting the New Mutants and the New X-men have had like 3 or 4 series now. Gen X doesnt get the same love for some reason

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