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Default Re: The Official Superman Fan Art & Manips Thread - Part 4

Originally Posted by Ring Deacon View Post
I had many pairs of underoos growing up, and had a blast being any hero i wanted to be in them. I bought a few pairs for my son that he loves too recently. If only they made them in adult sizes.
Actually you can find men's briefs for Superman, Batman, Star Wars... that is if you venture into a WalMart.

The colors are a must. You cannot go dark with Superman. The point of the bright colors in his suit are to make him stand out as a symbol of hope and goodness. It separates him from not just the villains but from the heroes in the universe that have a some what darker nature.
Yes, when my 11yr old was watching "Superman Returns" last year, he asked me if Brandon Routh was "Bad Superman" because the colors of the suit were so dark.
I had to tell him that no it wasn't the bad version of Superman, just a new suit with darker colors... he knows his Superman!

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