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Originally Posted by El Bastardo View Post
On a separate note, Sam Humphries and Ron Garney will be doing Uncanny X-Force. Called it. Humphries also confirms Psylocke will be on the title, so so much for her dying in Remender's final arc. I'll be putting my money back on AoA Nightcrawler, then.
Originally Posted by BoredGuy View Post
And agreed about AoA Kurt, looks like we may lose yet another elf
Glad Betsy isn't getting killed off again. It could also be Deathlok too....

Originally Posted by Havok83 View Post
AoA Nightcrawler was a waste anyway. I dont feel he's really done much or been utilized in any meaningful capacity. Its too bad he didnt have much of any interaction outside of UXF. It would have been interesing seeing people close to Kurt meet up with him like Storm and Piotr, not to mention Scott and Hope, considering how the original died. That last one probably would have made for a decent one shot
He did have a nasty exchange with Kitty. I would love to see him mix it up with the others but oh well.....

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