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Default Re: OFFICIAL Rate & Review the Amazing Spider-Man! - Part 1

Originally Posted by UltimateWebhead View Post
I purchased two copies of ASM on release day. I bought the Target exclusive and the steelbook exclusive from Best Buy. I watched the film twice over the weekend and had a chance to sit thru all the special features with the exception of the bonus disc from Target...I'm probably gonna watch that one sometime this week. If anyone wants a heads up on that disc and what it entails, you can PM me cause I'm probably not gonna make a separate post just for that disc.

I only got to see the film twice in theaters, once in 2D and once in 3D and I loved it more after the second viewing. But as the months past and the discussions on this board began to focus on the negative aspects of the film...well, it's difficult to try to remember everything about the movie and therefore I was beginning to wonder if my initial reactions to the movie were sincere. Being honest, I was a bit apprehensive about seeing the film again on Bluray cause I was worried that the negativity around here might affect my judgement. Normally I'm stout with my opinions but it's sometimes difficult to subdue certain ideas from peers and remain firm about my beliefs.

I guess that's why I am even more relieved than anything to report that my enjoyment factor or love or whatever you'd like to call it for ASM is either on par with my theatrical viewings or possibly even more so. I waited until after dark to watch the movie with dim lighting in my living room and was totally immersed in the film from the start. Almost everything about the movie is what I have wanted to see in a Spider-man origin. The pacing felt better this time around and felt like there was a good flow. There are some issues here and there but imo they are very minor indeed and are easily diminished by the overwhelming positives.

All the actors involved gave some great performances and the gritty, realistic style from Webb was a def hit imo. The world that ASM is set in had so many nice touches to it and I love the look and feel of Webb's design and filmmaking techniques. Horner's score is fantastic. The action sequences, although short, were very well done. The chemistry between Gwen and Pete is endearing. Absolutely love the look of the new suit in this movie and the clarity of the stunning visuals from the Bluray transfer only heighten my feelings. Spidey looked fantastic and the poses were spot on. The Lizard was a perfect choice for the origin movie and I felt that they did a good job with Connors and his motivations and just his character in general. Although it would have been nice to see some more development with possibly some scenes with his family I otherwise really enjoyed ASM's take.

As for the deleted scenes...I honestly did not miss them one bit. Not at all. I like how ASM is being set up to play out like a series. Webb has said that he cut those scenes for a reason and I can only speculate as to what those are but I imagine it will be revealed in the sequel.

So, that's my mini review. ASM is a solid Spidey flick and I'm very excited for the next installment.
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