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Default Re: Character Accents: Should they be used?

Originally Posted by TDK elbowstrike View Post
As long as the accents remain consistent, they would be welcome imo. If I remember correctly, the first X-Men movie, Halley Berry played Storm with a slight African accent. Then she dropped it completely for the next two installments. That was so stupid, so if they go the accent route, they better be sure their actors can keep it up. There are few things that take me out of a movie quicker than an actor doing an inconsistent or all together bad accent.
Yes she did. Bryan Singer told her to drop the accent after it had gotten a lot of criticism from the public. I never understood the criticism the accent was not as bad as people make it out to be, most of those people probably not african themselves. (I'm african btw) I think it could pass for a eastern african accent. Just needed to be slightly deeper.

I hope she and the rest of the cast return with the accent. As it individualises the X-Men as a team. They are an international team and it should be emphasised more in the films. Halle, Anna and Alan are the only actors that tried an accent in the films. No one else did. Colossus (russian), Wolverine(canadian), Gambit(cajun), Emma Frost (british accent) and many others.

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