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Default Re: Anybody else miss Terrence Howard as Rhodey?

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
You guys are ridiculous lol. Sam, I don't necessarily 100% agree with what you are saying, but you're the freakin best lol ..

I am just going to put this stupid thing to rest. First of all, this is my opinion on the cheadle/howard thing ...right here

I'd like to think this is a pretty unbiased opinion. Now before I say what I am about to say, Castle, and whoever else, don't jump on me for saying this, as my opinion is above. but I, in a way, agree with Sam.

Everyone is blowing the race thing out of proportion. But for Howards role, everything I just said in the post I quoted, that's what I see in him. However, there is no doubt some black stereotypes by Howard in that movie. That doesn't mean it was intentional, as those are probably Howards' mannerisms. His mannerisms, the way he speaks, the natural swagger, how he literally formed his words, to me, he fit some black stereo types. Unintentionally. Stereotypes are stereotypes, but like always, some people legitimately fit stereotypes. Hell, I'll be honest, I fit every single Italian stereotype. I worked with a kid who fit the "jock" stereotype (pisses me off, I was a jock in high school, but wasn't a duech) anyway, these stereotypes... They is what probably led sam to explain why it is a racist performance by howard. That does not mean he is racist, or being racist, it's just a deduction he made about a character, who he thought, was portayed in a racist way.

I am not Sam, but I guarentee this was his point of view. I have yet to read one post by him here that seemed racist. Observing something racist doesn't make you racist.

Let this thing die down, or a mod will get involved.

I'll tattle on all of you like a little girl
I think you missed the part where we repeatedly stated we were not saying he's racist but the terms he was using given the actual context of Howard's performance were racist. Are you really going to tell me that using the terms gangsta pimp/jivin and shivin 60's black funny man/Chris Tucker and Eddie Murphy impersonations/hip hop attitude with the evidence he presented does not sound racist? Half of what he used as justification for his claims were not terms or scenes instigated by Rhodes and he obviously has a very rough memory of the film and that probably influenced his opinion. You don't just throw out those kinds of terms for what Rhodey actually did in the movie and they don't sound racist because they just do not apply. This is not subjective, it is objective.

I'm sorry, but Sam is wrong and he needs to own up to it and just learn a lesson. He can't make statements like those and expect them to just be ignored or brushed under the rug.

Not only that, but he continues to accuse me of calling him racist and threatens sicking a mod on me when it is obvious he is simply not understanding what he said and not understanding what others are trying to tell him.

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