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Default Re: Anybody else miss Terrence Howard as Rhodey?

Originally Posted by Webfoot Hero View Post
I didn't see anything racist in what he was saying. He was more discussing stereotypes/mannerisms than actually using racial terms to put one race above another. I'd say, if anything, you're being a tad bit too sensitive to his opinion.
I'm not being sensitive. I know what racist terms look like and those are them. I'm simply trying to tell him they are what they are and he needs to understand this and watch it going forward.

I think what you and jaqua are doing is giving him the benefit of the doubt because you know he is not inherently racist himself and are seeing what he is doing as a criticism of the film, but looking at those terms and the evidence he presented objectively, they come off as racist. He just can't throw those terms around in the context of a black actor simply because the way he portrayed the character was somewhat laid back in certain scenes. He sounds ignorant. He needs to own up to it and understand it. I'm not trying to put him on front street, but he just can't do that and not expect someone to hold him to a standard.

As Castle said, RDJ was wayyy more outlandish than Howard and is the one who actually instigated all those scenes he was talking about, yet no one has used those terms to describe RDJ's portrayal of Tony. It is what it is.

Originally Posted by CastlesInTheAir View Post
I agree 100% with Mr. Dent however I'm going to drop it because I think we're beating a dead horse. I don't think he's going to own up to it and I'd rather not get into another heated debate lol
I really don't want to drop it...but yes I guess they are just not going to see them as racist the way an actual black person would.

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