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Default Re: "You ready for another Bout?"- The Thor/Chris Hemsworth Thread

Originally Posted by jaqua99 View Post
nah, that shouldn't happen. Not to Thanos. How much do you know about him? idk how they would do it, there would have to be SOME type of plot device, having 9 avengers just beat up Thanos would sort of be...I don't know how to put it. And if he has the IG...NO...9 avengers aren't going to even to phase him. When he had the IG, he essentially had full control over the universe.. but Thanos has NEVER been physically defeated in a battle, he's been on the "loosing end" of some fights, but he's never really been defeated (we don't count bendis' avengers run recently). He fought Odin (clearly was loosing) for 13 pages, and still stood up after, ready for more...someone THAT durable, even translated in the movies shouldn't get his "ass kicked by 9 avengers", even in the movies

he's tough, but his durability is his biggest asset aside from his mind, I will be disappointed if his defeat is him getting beat down by like 9 shouldn't happen.

So... how do we think he'll lose in Avengers 3 then? lol. I know nothing about the character but what you're describing basically is saying "he's going to roll thru the avengers and anything else in his way and rule the universe... *roll credits* " haha now that would be something different in a movie!

My suggestion was just since no one can single handedly defeat him it would be cool to see a 5 minute montage (similar to the battle scene in Avengers 1) where everyone is at their peak strength all doing different things to weaken Thanos and working as a true team to stop him, not just like opening a portal and throwing him through it to the negative zone or something along those lines ya know?

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